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@whitebalance attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect dp.kinect3 dp.oak
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whitebalance { auto | [1000...12000]}
:house: values
automatic white balance default
white temperature (Kelvin)
:bulb: examples
@whitebalance auto
@whitebalance 4000

White balance in degrees Kelvin temperature to adjust for lighting conditions. This baseline is used to adjust all other colors. When correctly adjusted, a white piece of paper will appear white with no shade of another color.

Each sensor model may have a different white balance temperature range. Newer sensors and plugins usually have more flexible ranges.

  • auto is the default; white temperature is automatically chosen
  • [1000...12000] is an integer in Kelvin for white temperature


dp.kinect white balance range is [2700..6500] Kelvin. Its default is automatic white balance. To set a specific white temperature, disable automatic and then set the temperature, e.g. @autowhitebalance 0 @whitebalance 4000.

@hue and @whitebalance are sometimes used together to correct for shifts in color.