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@skeldepth attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect2
:information_source: signature
skeldepth INT
:house: values
off default
output joints in depthmap coordinates
:bulb: examples
@skeldepth 1

Skeleton joint output from the fifth outlet in depthmap coordinates. This output does not provide orientation. Output format (native Max messages, OSC protocol, etc.) is determined by @skeletonformat.

# @skeletonformat 0
/skeldepth/playerId/jointname column row depth confidence

# @skeletonformat 1
skeldepth playerId jointname column row depth confidence
  • playerId, jointname, and confidence are the same as @skeleton output
  • column, row are integers that represent the column and row in the depthmap image
  • depth is z-depth at that pixel in units chosen by @distmeter


# @skeletonformat 0 @distmeter 0
/skeldepth/2/r_shoulder 105 342 3712 0.5

# @skeletonformat 1 @distmeter 1
skeldepth 2 r_shoulder 105 342 3.712 0.5