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@skeletonformat attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect dp.kinect2 dp.kinect3 dp.oak
:information_source: signature
skeletonformat {INT | FORMAT_NAME }
:house: values
0 or osc
OSC protocol default
1 or max
native Max messages
:bulb: examples
@skeletonformat 1
@skeletonformat max

Message format for skeleton joints, users, faces, etc. Native Max messages (usually better) and OSC are the two supported formats.

:memo: Plugin versions v1.3.20210721 and newer support using the value names max and osc.

Max messages

Native Max messages are usually the better choice when using sensor data within Cycling74 Max. The messages can be manipulated with all built-in Max, MSP, and Jitter objects like route, routepass, and select.

# @skeletonformat 1
skel 2 r_shoulder -1.204 2.053 3.712 0.5
skelcolor 2 r_shoulder 975 758 0.5

OSC protocol

OSC protocol is the legacy default. It may be helpful when sending raw sensor data to heterogeneous network devices. The protocol can be manipulated with OSC tools like CNMAT’s OSC-route which can be found in the Max Package Manager named “ODOT” or download direct.

# @skeletonformat 0
/skel/2/r_shoulder -1.204 2.053 3.712 0.5
/skelcolor/2/r_shoulder 975 758 0.5