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@imageuntwist attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect dp.kinect2
:information_source: signature
imageuntwist UNTWIST_BOOLEAN
:house: values
no imageuntwist messages default
output imageuntwist messages
:bulb: examples
@imageuntwist 1

Rotation (degrees) to align depth, color, etc. images to gravity. Top pixels are away from gravity and bottom pixels towards gravity. The imageuntwist message is sent out the fifth outlet on each bang.

Common use is to set the @theta attribute of jit.rota to this value (converted to radians). Then, send the image matrix from the plugin to the jit.rota.

# Max native:   @imageuntwist 1 @skeletonformat 1
imageuntwist 10.2

# OSC protocol: @imageuntwist 1
/imageuntwist 10.2

:memo: This feature is only supported on sensors with an IMU.