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@skelmodel attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect3 dp.oak
:information_source: signature
skelmodel PATH_STRING
:house: values
sensor specific default
:bulb: examples
@skelmodel c:\models\dnn_model_2_0_op11.onnx
@skelmodel movenet_multipose_lightning_1_int32_op15_H160_W256.onnx

Machine learning model used for skeleton and joint tracking


Microsoft provides two models for Azure Kinect

  • dnn_model_2_0_lite_op11.onnx: default, less accurate, less compute burden
  • dnn_model_2_0_op11.onnx: more accurate, more compute burden

:warning: Microsoft will not fix their bug The Azure Kinect model file must be on an ASCII path.


The model currently supported is movenet_multipose_lightning_1_int32_op15_H160_W256.onnx. Use the maxhelp file in the plugin ZIP download to get the model. Or, download it from