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@facecolors attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect2
:information_source: signature
facecolors COLOR_BOOLEAN
:house: values
no face color output default
output face colors
:bulb: examples
@facecolors 1

Face and hair color for each tracked face. Output on the fifth outlet. @faces must be enabled for this face tracking feature to function. It also requires a captured face model.

Microsoft’s Kinect v2 SDK used by dp.kinect2 derives the face and hair color by building a face 3D model and distinguishing the colors on that model. Results are affected by environment conditions, distance from the sensor, and often not high-quality.

# Max native:   @faces 1 @facecolors 1 @skeletonformat 1
face playerId haircolor red green blue 1.0
face playerId skincolor red green blue 1.0

# face on skeleton 2 has hair color of red=0.246, green=0.845, blue=0.472
face 2 haircolor 0.246 0.845 0.472 1.0
# face on skeleton 5 has skin color of red=0.114, green=0.619, blue=0.247
face 5 skincolor 0.114 0.619 0.247 1.0

# OSC protocol: @faces 1 @facecolors 1
/face/playerId/haircolor red green blue 1.0
/face/playerId/skincolor red green blue 1.0
same integer used for a tracked skeleton
red green blue
normalized floats [0.0..1.0] of the color’s red, green, and blue components