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@colormap attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect dp.kinect2 dp.kinect3 dp.oak
:information_source: signature
colormap {INT | off | argb | uyvy | rgb | rgba}
:house: values
0 or off
no color output default
1 or argb
color with byte order (alpha red green blue)
3 or uyvy
color with Max uyvy; technically (YCbCr)
4 or rgb
color with byte order (red green blue)
5 or rgba
color with byte order (red green blue alpha)
:bulb: examples
@colormap 1
@colormap rgb

Color image output in choice of pixel format on the second outlet.

Values 4 or rgb and 5 or rgba are often useful when sending color information to OpenGL. This pixel format, resolution @colormapres, and @colortype together define the memory layout of color data.

When banding or flickering is seen, try the @powerfreq filter.

:memo: Plugin versions v1.3.20210429 and newer support using value names like rgb and argb.

:memo: Kinect v1 hardware does not have enough USB bandwidth to output color and infrared data at the same time.

:warning: All known versions of Max 5, 6, 7, and 8 incorrectly process and display all image data. Max will slightly shift tint, color, saturation, and brightness. The shifts accumulate. These shifts may not be important or visible depending on your specific use.

Details of the problems are within private conversations with Max developers. In general, the problems are due to incorrect and inconsistent formulas in Max’s codebase that are used for rgb and uyvy manipulation, uyvy to/from rgb conversion, and colorspace transformation. In addition, there is no single shared rgb colorspace for jitter matrices and no metadata that labels jitter matrices with their colorspace. Without this metadata or a single shared colorspace, no processing or display of image data can be consistently high-fidelity. This is a technically difficult topic area; Cycling74 declines to fix the problems. Workarounds are very difficult and require custom-written Max plugins, shaders, and new visual display components (e.g. jit.window, jit.pwindow).