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@timestamp attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect3 dp.oak
:information_source: signature
timestamp INT
:house: values
off default
:bulb: examples
@timestamp 0
@timestamp 1

Timestamps for skeleton and matrix data as microseconds since the Epoch.

Jitter matrix outlets (depth, color, ir, player, and optional pointcloud) will append the timestamp to the end of the standard jit_matrix message.

jit_matrix u391000480                   <-- standard matrix message
jit_matrix u391000480 1616264945444860  <-- same with timestamp

Message/OSC data is also timestamped. A timestamp message sent on the msg/osc outlet starts a timestamp block. All data after this timestamp message and before the next timestamp message have the same timestamp.

timestamp 1616264778766184
user 1 0.092804 -0.510639 0.794896
skel 1 waist 0.092804 -0.510639 0.794896 1.
skel 1 torso 0.113126 -0.20709 0.847535 1.

It is possible to coordinate matrices and skeleton data across multiple Kinect sensors on the same computer using these timestamps. If you have very accurate NTP or PTP time synchronization on your local network, it is also possible to coordinate data across multiple computers.