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@colorexposure attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect3 dp.oak
:information_source: signature
colorexposure { auto | EXPOSURE_NUM } [{auto | ISO_INTEGER }]
:house: values
automatic color exposure and iso default
specific exposure, automatic iso
[1..5000000] [100..1600]
specific exposure, specific iso
:bulb: examples
@colorexposure auto        <- automatic exposure and iso
@colorexposure 16666 <- 16.6ms exposure, auto iso
@colorexposure 16666 auto <- 16.6ms exposure, auto iso
@colorexposure 16666 800 <- 16.6ms exposure, 800 iso

Color camera exposure in microseconds (µs) and ISO sensitivity.

Each sensor model may have different exposure and ISO ranges. Newer sensors and plugins usually have more flexible ranges.

  • auto is the default; exposure and ISO is automatically chosen.
  • [1..5000000] exposure is the length of time the color camera receives light to create one frame. Time is measured in microseconds, except for dp.kinect.
  • [100..1600] ISO is the sensitivity to light of the color camera.


dp.kinect uses the old attribute @exposure to set color exposure time. The default is automatic color exposure. To set a specific color exposure, disable automatic color exposure and then set the exposure, e.g. @autoexposure 0 @exposure 166.

Exposure time is measured in units of 1/10000 second. Therefore, @autoexposure 0 @exposure 166.6 is a 16.66 millisecond exposure. The range of possible exposure units is [1.0..4000.0].