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@accel attribute

:electric_plug: dp.kinect dp.kinect2 dp.kinect3 dp.oak
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:house: values
0. -1. 0. default
:bulb: examples
accel 0.026321 -0.995679 -0.089051

Acceleration XYZ vector usually pointing towards gravity (where 1 unit = 9.81m/s^2). Read-only.

Acceleration calculation requires the following

The acceleration coordinate system is the same as most depth coordinate systems. It is centered on the sensor, and is a right-handed coordinate system with positive Z in the direction the sensor lens is pointing. When a sensor is perfectly still and perfectly level, the acceleration values are 0. -1. 0..

Acceleration values are not affected by flip or rotation attributes.

:memo: Plugins older than v1.3 return a four-value vector x y z 0.

OAK sensors

Some OAK sensor IMUs incorrectly rotate accelerometer data due to a Luxonis bug. Upgrading your IMU firmware may resolve this on some (but not all) OAK sensors.

Many Luxonis OAK sensors have uncalibrated IMUs. Their accelerometer reports errant acceleration. dp.oak v1.3.20230301+ includes a workaround for Luxonis OAK sensors with these uncalibrated IMUs.